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Within the Master in Apprenticeship “Financial Institutions: Risk, Compliance and Data Analytics” of the Grande Ecole Program, IÉSEG is launching the 3rd edition of its Data Visualization challenge in partnership with the company Cofidis Group.

This DataViz Challenge is opened to all students enrolled in a European higher education institution.

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This ‘Dataviz’ challenge will allow participants to tackle a real challenge from the bank sector, responding to a problem issued by Cofidis Group, partner of the project.

The challenge is free of charge and is opened to all students enrolled in a European higher education institution. Participants can compete on their own or in pairs.

In the framework of this project, students will thus receive an anonymous database that they will then transform into a visual by using the Data Visualization software of their choice.

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For this edition, the theme is: "Build a tool for managing the activity of granting consumer credit, aimed at business agents".

Within Cofidis, credit agents need to be able to perform a quick and simple analysis of their partners; they also occasionally need to analyze more precise points, whenever one of the KPIs shows an abnormal trend, either downward or upward, in addition to analyzing the profile of borrowing customers. How to present this information in a synthetic, efficient and pleasant way in order to facilitate the work of the credit agent?


A one-page PDF in English for the visual - students are free to use the Data Visualization software of their choice.

An additional page of explanation in English of 300 words maximum can be added in addition to the visual.

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Partnership with Cofidis Group

"Managing data is a strategic issue for Cofidis. It will allow us to continue to innovate, to conserve our leadership and to reinvent our customer experience. This also allows us to perform and to transform our organizations: Data actually permits us to stay one-step ahead, and this is moreover one of the main professions of our Group! Today, and through our partnership with IÉSEG, it is important for us to collaborate with students in order to enrich our perspective, to open up to new methods and to share our vision related to the subject."

Nicolas WALLAERT, General Director of Cofidis France

Key steps


January 12th, 2023 00:01 (UTC + 1)

March 3rd, 2023 23:59 (UTC + 1)


January 12th, 2023 00:01 (UTC + 1)

March 10th, 2023 23:59 (UTC + 1)


March 11th, 2023 00:01 (UTC + 1)

March 31th, 2023 23:59 (UTC + 1)


Awards ceremony in April 11th, 2023

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Projects are evaluated according to the 4 criteria below:


Creativity represents the ability of the student to present data in a new, interesting and attractive way.

Graphics design and readability

Graphic design and readability represent the student's ability to present his or her project legibly and aesthetically.


Relevance is the ability of the student to correctly choose the data they want to refer to in order to obtain a clear and useful message for the user.

Professionalism and feasibility

Professionalism and feasibility are the ability of the student to provide a professional and doable approach according to the needs of the company.


Photo de Athanasios Triantafyllou

Athanasios Triantafyllou

Professor in Finance at IÉSEG

Photo de Aurore BURIETZ


Academic Director of the Master in Apprenticeship "Institutions Financières : Risk, Compliance et Data Analytics"

Professor in Finance at IÉSEG

Photo de Jean Dessain

Jean Dessain

Professor in Finance at IÉSEG

Logo Cofidis

Jury Cofidis

Data experts and the Cofidis Group’s international Data community


Among the challenge prizes, the winners will have the chance of winning:

Haut de la coupe Milieu de la coupe Socle de la coupe

Immersive Experience (one day of immersion at Cofidis Group)

Data Experience (participation in the Cofidis Group Data Committee)

Sponsoring Experience (2 tickets for the Cofidis Caravan, during the Tour de France)

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